Sunday, February 3, 2013

So thankful

Today I am thankful...

-that even though we were rear-ended, we're okay.

-that no one was in front of us and no one else got hurt.

-that even though we were delayed in picking up our girls, they weren't in the car with us.

-that our girls still have two living parents.

-that even though we woke up the next morning very sore, nothing was broken and we were not seriously hurt.

-that even though the rear bumper of our 4 month old car is smashed in, we are still able to drive it (sorta) until the repair process gets going.

-that even though the person that hit us had a suspended license, they did have insurance.

-that B and I can still find humor together in every situation.

So while I may gripe and complain later about the repair process, getting back and forth, etc., for today I am VERY thankful.