Pinterest Project Reviews

I spend way too much time on Pinterest.  I am an addict, I'll totally admit it.  When I saw this illustraton the other day, I totally laughed out loud!

Anyways, these reviews seemto get a lot of attention, long after I've announced them on facebook, so I was thinking of adding a page to my blog dedicated just to Pinterest reviews! I'll be sure to keep all the inspiring links for others to follow along and maybe even give a heads up of what I'm planning. We could have a virtual Pinterest Project Party! P3!

Oh Blogger, can't seem to figure out how to add posts just to this page.  For now, I'll post links to my Pinterest reviews:

December 5, 2011 Sweater Refashion Review

December 2, 2011 Pinterest Project Reviews: ornament garland, bead and ribbon necklace

October 25, 2011 Pinterest Review: recipes, Halloween decorations, crocheted cowls, maxi skirt

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