Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sweater refashion into: Boot Socks!

I love summer and I'm always a little sad when fall arrives and I have to say goodbye to hot humid days, long hours of sunshine, fresh local produce, and dreams of the ocean.  sigh.

(BTW, the above picture is of my favorite beach of all time.  If you're ever in the southern Massachusetts area, check out Horseneck Beach!)

Luckily for me, I love the promise of fall fashion!  Being able to bring out the sweaters and pants again makes me happy.  However, the one thing that I was most looking forward to wearing this fall was my knee high, flat brown boots.

I saw these on one of my favorite bloggers, Ms. Ashley of Little Miss Momma, and I absolutely had to have them!  I never regretted the money spent that's how awesome they are.

Spending some time on pinterest, I started loving the idea of these boot socks, but not the prices.  Seriously, $20+ for a pair of socks?

Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

But hey, I figured, I could just make my own!  A little old sweater refashion, shall we?  Get ready for my first ever tutorial!

I started off with this old grey turtleneck sweater that I just never wear any more.  It's a nice warm wool, but the neck always bothered me and I won't be needing anything that fitted for a while right?

Lucky for me, being 5'1", the length of the arms on my sweater were the perfect length of my legs!  I determined how long I needed them to be by just sticking my legs into the arms!  I'm sure for the majority of you out there who are at least six inches taller than me, a larger size sweater than you normally wear from a thrift store would do just fine.
For me, I cut off the sleeves just at the lowest point of where the sleeve attaches to the body of the sweater.

This next part gets tricky, so bear with me.

I took each sleeve, wrist end down and stuck my legs in toe first.

That's it!

Now I have these adorable sweater-y boot leg warmers to wear all fall and maybe into the winter!

(don't mind the horrible laminate floor in the pictures above, I'm in lab.  Obviously I'm getting a ton of work done on my thesis and my experiments right now.  haha.)

So, I will admit that it would probably be best to do some finishing on the cut end of the sweater sleeves.  If I had a serger, I would probably do that in a cute contrasting color - but I don't.  (still watching craigslist for a cheap one in my area!)  Or, if I had some elastic thread, I would probably use that to give the cut end some elasticity.  I'll figure it out.  In the meantime, these are adorable and free and done in less than two minutes!  Enjoy!


The Way I See It said...

You're so cute. Such a great idea!

Katy said...

AWESOME! If only my calfs were small enough to fit them AND socks inside my boots ;)

Jones Morris said...

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