Friday, October 7, 2011

Halloween decor

Earlier this week, I gave some hints as to what I've been crafting on lately.  I had a surge of energy last night and this morning and got a ton done!  Actually, the surge of energy was more the fear of guests coming over tonight with my house a mess and no decorations up!  Haha! Nothing like a little motivation, huh?

Anyways, here are some of my decorations and beauties!

These are my standard, store bought decorations that I put up each year.  I got both of those Halloween cats for a total of $15 on Halloween day a bunch of years ago, marked down from $45 each!  Sweet!

This is what I've been working on:

My Halloween rag wreath!  Simply tied strips of black netting and orange and yellow fabric around an old grapevine wreath I had.  Love it!  I put it up with 3M Command Strips.  I hope it holds!

Milk jug ghosts!  I may make a few more of these, time (and milk consumption) permitting.  Lesson learned, use Sharpies, not T's washable markers!  The have white Christmas lights in the back of them so they light up at night - so cool! 

My piece-de-resistance!  I am in love with this!  Let's take a closer look, shall we?

I spray painted this awesome branch I found and an old clay pot with black glossy spray paint.  I found the paint in my basement from the previous owner and the pot and branch were free, total score!  Once dried, I inserted the branch into potting soil and wrapped black netting and sparkly orange tulle around the base.  I tied strips of orange fabric around some of the branches and the pot to add some color.  The s'mores guys were previously purchased.  I made mummies out of crepe paper and T.P. rolls.  I cut up paper towel rolls and wrapped felt around them, attached a handle and drew faces on them with a Sharpie.  The Frankensteins and Ghosts were totally inspired by this blogger, Kiki creates.  I love how it came out!  I hope my cats don't equally love it!  They tend to knock things over!

To top off my Halloween decoration morning, after I took our dog out one last time before work, I deposited his, um, "stuff" in our trash can only to be followed by a whole mess of scratching.  Upon closer inspection, there was a rat in our can!  Not just a rat mind you.  They get big around here, like R.O.U.S. big!  (Rodents of unusual size!)

It must not have liked me peeking at it cause it let out this unearthly shriek!  So of course I screamed, then our dog started howling.  Lovely.  Still grossed out!


The Way I See It said...

Love the milk jugs & the tree! So cute! Love all the details on the tree (especially the S'mores guys!) I think Fall is one of my favorite seasons to decorate....the colors of fall are like no other! And about the R.O.U.S! You're brave..."upon closer inspection.." I would've been running away!!!!

Katy said...

LOVE the wreath! I pulled out a few pumpkins....I might have to make myself a fall wreath....