Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pinterest Review

I don't know about you, but I have an addiction to Pinterest.  It's become one of those sites that I must check regularly, right up there with email, and it even bumped (gasp!) facebook.  I get so many great ideas from this site and I've tried a bunch of them, from recipes to crafts and I thought I would share a little review of those here.   

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I'll even introduce a crafty ratings scale from one to five scissors!
(based on ease yet high end result, time involved, and final result) 
(Bear with me, I'm avoiding writing my thesis!)


Source: None via Melissa on Pinterest

No-sew T-shirt scarf: Follow this link if the picture doesn't connect you right away.
I actually bought a cheapo red Tshirt at Target (where else?!) to make this and I love the scarf I ended up with!  Perfect for fall, light, comfy and just that extra little bit of warmth to get me to work in the morning.  Best of all, no sewing, just some easy and forgiving cutting! Rating: """

Kind of on a scarf kick here, fall was approaching. 

Source: None via Melissa on Pinterest

T-shirt yarn scarf: I made this using an old yellow Tshirt from the softball team I was on (that lasted all of three games!). While super easy, I wasn't as impressed by the final product.  Was it a scarf?  Was it a necklace?  Not really sure and so I never wear it. Rating: "

Source: None via Melissa on Pinterest

Maternity-friendly Maxi Skirt: I've been following this blog for a while now, simply because I am so impressed with the garments she makes, not thinking that I could ever make something for myself.  Kids clothes are easy, they can be loose and cute.  Women's clothing needs to fit.  However, when she posted the tutorial for the maxi skirt that would be perfect for a maternity skirt, I had to give it a try.  I have to say that I love it!  I made it in a royal blue fabric and have worn it many times.  I did make it a little big for my current belly, but we know that's going to grow so no concerns there!  This blogger is holding a link up at the end of this month of all the maxi's we have all made and I will be linking up mine there.  This did take some know-how, especially since it was sewing with jersey knit, so I can't give it the full rating I would like to give.  Rating: """"

Source: None via Melissa on Pinterest

Austumn Veggie and Rice meal: My mouth is watering just looking at this picture!  This was so good!  In full disclosure, when I made it, my rice wasn't instant and it was still, um, crunchy, but that didn't hold me (or hubs) back from eating left overs!  And, right now, any food that makes me hungy is good in my book.  Even better, this was an easy, one pan dish.  More please!
Rating: """""

Source: None via Melissa on Pinterest

Crockpot Breakfast Casserole: Made this on our hiking trip for the last morning.  The morning we all leave is usually filled with stripping beds, laundry, cleaning, packing and little time for a wholesome breakfast.  Mission accomplished, everyone liked it and said it was great.  I wouldn't know.  I was so nauseous that morning, I couldn't eat a thing!  Too bad for me.  Rating: """

BTW, I'm starting to notice a lot of these are foods. :)

Hasselback Potatoes: These were delicious!  Since my mom was pregnant with my sister, 26 years ago, I have hated baked potatoes and only recently have I wanted them again, but they take so long to bake!  These were only a minor improvement in the time department, but the taste was so good!  Layered with garlic, salt and pepper, topped with cheese and a dollop of sour cream.  Mmm-mmm!  Yum! Rating: """"

Spicy Thai Noodles: Ok, so I made this one last night.  While my first attempt at making the sauce burned, the second worked well and it was amazing!  So absolutely yummy!  I added a lot more carrots, cilantro, and green onion than the recipe called for to make it a little more veggie-full.  I also limited the red pepper to one tablespoon. B and I love spicy food and even with just one tablespoon there was plenty of heat!  So good! Rating: """"

Source: None via JJ on Pinterest

Crocheted rug out of sheets: I have a weird thing about sheets.  If they're wrinkly, I need to fix them regardless of what time it is.  My poor hubby has been woken up in the wee hours of the morning by me fixing the sheets.  Anyways, my favorite set that NEVER wrinkled ripped and I was devastated.  This project let me honor their contribution to my sanity by preserving them forever as a throw rug!  At first, I only ripped up the torn sheet since the top sheet was still intact.  However, it is currently only a small door mat size rug right now after using the entire fitted sheet.  I will go back and use the top sheet to finish this project.  For now, it keeps my feet comfy while I relax on the couch.  The drawbacks to this project are the length of time involved and there not really being a pattern, per se.  My rug was definitely getting a little ruffled on the edges.  However, there is a lot of flexibility and after stretching it out a bit and flattening it under the couch cushions, it is nice a flat.  This is still an ongoing project, hopefully one I will finish soon. Rating: """

Source: None via Melissa on Pinterest

Milk jug ghosts: These were a lot of fun once I got all the sticky labels off!  They look great lit up too!  Can't say they were free, I had to buy white Christmas lights and a Sharpie marker, but for that price, it's a great Halloween decoration! Rating: """"

Cozy, chunky, cowl: Doesn't this cowl look super warm and comfy?  I started this project as my contribution to the current Cowl-Along, hosted by Luvinthemommyhood.  I don't knit, so I haven't joined previously, but crocheters were specifically welcomed this time, so I jumped at the opportunity.  This project is super quick and actually really easy despite the "intermediate" skill rating listed with it.  Plus, it is a free pattern!  I've actually finished the rows called for in the pattern and its still a bit short, so I'm sure it's my clusters that are small, but I'll be adding a few more rows to the pattern.  I'm making this as a gift, but I will definitely have to make one for myself too!
Rating: """""

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