Thursday, October 13, 2011

Annual NH Hiking Trip: Day one Highlight

This Thursday begins our annual hiking trip in NH. Every year this weekend is filled with great friends, great food, amazing foliage, and of course hiking. I have such great memories of past year trips, from the 4 hour hike to the Fire Tower three years ago to Miss T rolling over for the first time last year. I eagerly await the fun times we’ll have this year.

Our drive began late Wednesday night, from Maryland to Rhode Island where we crashed at B’s parents’ house. Thank goodness for that break, there’s no way I could handle 10 hours of driving never mind Miss T! We started up again this morning, picking up lunch on our way out. This might have been the highlight of day one. There’s this little family-owned sub shop in Coventry, RI called “Captain Nemo’s”.

B first introduced me to this place about 10 years ago. This stop is a necessity every time we come “home”. Being transplanted to Maryland, there are certain things we have to do when we are home, go to Dunkin Donuts*, shop at Christmas Tree Shops, and stop at Nemo’s for lunch. I get the same thing everytime, as does B. For me, it’s the eggplant parmesan sub, for B it’s the Cajun chicken sandwich. Seeing as I’m still a delicate balance between needing to throw up and being ravishingly hungry, we were taking a chance that I’d even be able to eat. The stars were aligned today and I was able to enjoy my eggplant parm with it’s crisp breading, tender inside, perfectly melted provolone and just the right amount of sauce. Oh man, it’s a good thing we don’t live within 20 minutes of that place or I would be a large and in charge momma!

For a blog entry about our annual NH hiking trip, I realize I’ve spent a lot of time talking about food we got from RI, but it’s that good! Don’t worry, I’ll update later with pictures of foliage, Miss T exploring the great outdoors, maybe even a few finds from the outlet stores!

*I realize that there are Dunkin Donuts in Maryland too, but trust me, it’s not the same. Dunkin Donuts began in Massachusetts and is a New England staple. It’s these shops that really know how to make a delicious, down to earth, unassuming cup of coffee! Plus, around here, you can actually give directions by the location of DD stores along the way, there's one on nearly every corner!

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