Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It was a rough night...

Poor Miss T is teething. I can't see any teeth yet, but I'm convinced they're coming. Little girl is chomping down on anything and everything to get some relief. We've been hesitant to medicate her, only giving generic tylenol when she's miserable (or we are!). Cold binkies and teething rings have been helping, but only so much. Last night was a tough one. I felt like we had a newborn again! T went to bed at 8:15, woke up at 9:45, 10:45, midnight, 2:00-2:45, 4:45, and finally up at 7:00. Around the midnight wake up, I made plans to sleep in her room on the floor should she wake up again. When she woke up at 2:00, the plan went into action. For the first time in a long, long time, I "slept" on the floor last night. I can't imagine how I used to prefer this when I was a kid! In between wakings, I would try to get as comfortable as I could on a thin fleece blanket on the carpet with a sheet and one of her blankets over me. At least the baby blanket was the one we refer to as the Fluffernutter (it's fluffy and white like marshmellow and when we first used it for her, she was a little peanut, hence the official state sandwich of Massachusetts became the name of this little blanket). I would finally fall asleep, only for her to wake again. sigh. It's a good thing she is the cutest little thing in the world! Not many living things would get away with keeping me up so much! Coffee is my best friend today. More importantly, I hope Miss T's day gets better, that she gets a break from this mess, and that those darn teeth break through soon! It's time we saw some results from all of this!

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