Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy 7 Months Old, Miss T!

Today, Miss T turns 7 months old. Yikes. When did that happen? Somewhere between the diaper changes (with a handful of explosions), the middle-of-the-night feedings and the never ending discoveries (both hers and mine), my little girl is now 7 months old! I found myself looking at pictures from her first week of life yesterday wondering just how she went from this tiny, skinny legged, observing-the-world infant to the beautiful, curious, interactive, full of personality little girl we have now? She now naps twice a day on a fairly regular schedule, she is eating solid foods and loving just about everything I give her, she has rolled both ways, is sitting and loves to stand. Yesterday, during a rousing game of peekaboo, while my eyes were covered and wondering where T was, she pulled my hands from my eyes as if to say "Here I am!". Seriously, I want to know how and when this happened. I want to know how I can freeze my little girl so that she won't grow up too fast, so that I can savor every development, every learning moment, every heart wrenching memory. She amazes me everyday.

Miss T - 3 days old.

Miss T - nearly 7 months old.

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