Thursday, March 27, 2014

Happy Birthday K!

My sweet K,

Today you turn 2, and what a vivacious two-year old you are.  This past year has been full of amazing accomplishments for you.  Standing up, walking, starting to talk, these were all things we were so apprehensive about.  You were taking your time, your own schedule.  But you've mastered these skills with ferocity.  You run after your sister, climb everything, jump everywhere, and are every bit the chatterbox, even if we don't always know what you are saying.

You are so tiny, that its hard for me to treat you less like a baby and more like a little girl.  I still want to cradle you in my arms, snuggle you, and smother you with kisses, but you have other ideas now.  There are things you want to do and see, games to play, and dresses to wear.

Oh, the dresses.  Anything frilly, fluffly, ruffled, twirly, sparkly, you insist on wearing that moment, even if you have to pull the tutu over your jammies yourself.  You want fancy shoes all the time and dance around like a ballerina.  Just don't try to put your hair up.  That led to your first haircut, courtesy of mom.  You are rocking those bangs darling!

I love to watch you play, see you creating scenes and conversations with your dolls, words that only you understand right now.  You carry your baby doll around and pat her bum, sing her songs, and put her down for "na-nights".  You get so frustrated when you have trouble changing their clothes because you want to do it yourself so badly.  Its okay to ask for help sweetie, just be patient, you'll get it.

You are the embodiment of two year old extremes, adorably sweet and loving, and then a moment later in full tantrum on the floor because I helped button your doll's dress.  "No Mummy!" is often followed by kisses and hugs, and that sweet dimpled smile that gets me every time.  You love to dance at night and play "DJ" with the toy Weeble house.  We love to dance with you.

When we were anticipating your arrival into our little family, I would worry that I wouldn't have enough love for you too, that my heart was already so full with your Daddy and your big sister T.  Well, I didn't have to worry at all.  You have made my heart one hundred times bigger.  My love for you is so overwhelming.  Sometimes I have to let myself tear up a bit, just to release some of it.  You have completed our family in so many ways.  We are so thankful for who you are and every moment of your life.  Happy Birthday K!

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