Monday, July 19, 2010

Mamma Bear

Yep, I have completely turned into a Mamma Bear. I'm not sure when this happened, or how, but it's definitely there. An event occurred this weekend that made this very clear to me and now that I have admitted it to myself, it is easier to recognize and see it action - and apparently, my Mamma Bear self roars her mighty roar all the time! So, back to the enlightenment, we go to an inner city church that is very much like a missions church, so much so that during the summer missions teams come and serve our negihborhood and stay in our building. This week, there was a team of 50 people from NC, very nice, very eager, very friendly. During service on Sunday, Miss T was being very good and I was hoping to actually make it through a service without having to sequester us to the prison of the nursery. I could tell she was getting sleepy and got her binkie out and started to cradle her in my arms (the ONLY time she lets us hold her like that is when she is ready to go to sleep!). Just then there is a tap on my shoulder. I look over to see a very sweet young lady (probably young 20's). She very nicely asks me if she can hold Miss T.
My reply: "Umm, she's a bit fussy (she wasn't at all) and I'm trying to get her to go to sleep, so if you don't mind I'll keep her"
My inner dialog: "Ummm, who the heck are you? And who do you think you are asking to hold a child whom you don't even know when she is clearly with her mother! For all I know, you could be plotting to kidnap her, and who wouldn't want to kidnap her, seeing how beautiful she is! NO, you won't be holding her, now or ever, so back off!"
Ahem, so while the request may have been a little strange and the outward response was fairly polite (with a lot of restraint), the inner Mamma Bear was raging. I've recognized this side of me in other situations now, like when our dog of 7 years gets a little rough within 10 feet of Miss T, when she's fussing at all in her Daddy's arms, when Grammie is holding her just a little too loosely for my liking. For the time being, Mamma Bear has been kept secure in the confines of my head, oh but for the poor soul that finally unleashes her. Lets all hope that doesn't happen!


New_News said...

honey - i'm sure that is totally normal for all moms. i know i'm not a mom and can't be sure, but i'm pretty sure taht is just instinct. and damn straight i wouldn't let anyone i don't know hold my baby (if i had one)

but do be sure when i see miss t to let me know if i am doing something wrong: something that irks mamma bear!!

love you

Stephanie said...

That is so true and so funny. I have the same voice in my head and it is hard to keep it there! One thing that works for me is thinking that those who are on the other end of my mama wrath (in my head of course) are idiots and don't know any better. This thought has helped me numerous times to keep the harsh words in my head and not coming out of my mouth. So, with a grin and an "Oh really, you think so" comment, my wrath has yet to attack least beyond my own mind ;-).