Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Can't wait to share!

If you're like me, you have someone in your life that you
and would do anything for!
I'm so blessed that that person is my wonderful husband!
I'm so lucky to have a partner
that gets me
that understands me
that knows what I'm thinking without me saying a word.
Actually, that last part drives me crazy sometimes. See, when you have someone that special, you want to do things for them, surprise them. When they can read your mind, its a lot harder.
Calculate in that I am the worst liar in the world
(seriously, I cannot do it!)
and all my surprises go right out the window.
However, I am making an attempt at surprising my honey for Valentine's Day.
I can't say here what it is yet
(a certain someone reads this blog too!)
but let me just say that there are accomplices involved and the surprise will be television worthy!
I am so excited I am ready to bust!
Anyways, I had to share my excitement, even if I can't share the details.
Stay tuned for the wrap up
(after the actual surprise)
and to see if I can actually achieve my goal of surprising my hubs for once!

 This is us going to a wedding in 2009 and us about 10 years earlier!  Look pretty good together, huh?

He hates when I take self-portraits, but these are some of my favorite photos!

Another self-portrait of two love-birds!


Lauren said...

I know what it is ;)

The Way I See It said...

Television Worthy???!!! This must be something GOOD!!! :)

melbry15 said...

Hehe! I guess I'll have to have the flip camera rolling!