Friday, January 28, 2011

Nursing Student (hehe)

My university recently established a Lactation Center in its
newly built Campus Center. 
It was a huge step forward for all the moms on campus! 
Here's what they have to say about it...

"The Wellness Hub supports a mother’s choice to breastfeed her baby while pursuing her graduate or professional degree. Any nursing mother who is a university affiliate (faculty, staff, student, or their breastfeeding spouse/domestic partner) can register to use the Wellness Hub Lactation Station in room 339 in the Campus Center."

Equipped with a hospital grade pump, you can bring your own accessories,
or your own personal pump.
While I have a closet in my building to use
(don't even get me started on how COLD it is in there),
this center was extremely helpful the day the power was out in my building!

I received an email today from KaraS, a wellness fellow at the center, inviting me to speak as a "peer expert" as part of a class that focuses on having a good start with breastfeeding, basic breastfeeding techniques, and how to work breastfeeding into your work or school life. 
Little ole me?  Really? 
I'm so excited to help a fellow student!  I remember when I first returned to work and how difficult it was to shut out the world and focus on providing nourishment for Miss T.  The awkward absences from lab, the jarring knocks on my closet door (hello! I'm busy!), the freely flowing tears as I poured over picture after picture of Miss T, missing her dearly 

Before accepting this offer, I quickly jotted down some of my tricks and experiences.  For example
-not wearing a dress to work unless it had buttons down the front (my fellow momma's understand!)
-trying to schedule and coordinate pumping with T's feeding times
-giving up the idea that I could be productive during this time and instead just relaxed
-dealing with the ever dreaded bottle strike!
So, I'll be sending a recap after the class, it's scheduled for February 9th at noon. 
I'm so excited to meet some new or soon to be mommas and share my experiences! 
Wish me luck!


p.s. If any of you have tips, tricks or insights to share on how you were able to fit pumping into your work/school routine, I'd love to hear about it!

p.p.s My own title made me laugh, that's why the "hehe"!  Yep, I'm corny like that!


Katy said...

AWESOME!! How exciting! I have no personal experience, but tips I've heard from other moms are to have photos of your baby around and invest in a hands-free pumping bra (like the Pump Ease)

I can't wait to hear how it goes! :)

Stephanie said...

I'm glad I read this! I'm preg. with baby number two, and although I should be done soon (PhD here I come!). I may be back after maternity leave for a month or two. Last time I was lucky enough to have an old office to pump, in a department I used to work in because the whole dept had a baby boom and they gave the mothers a nice room and let me be included in that. That office has since been taken over as a real office and I was worried about where I am going to pump. My boss is really supportive of me on my 1st and 2nd journey into motherhood, but I have to say, as a graduate student the school itself could be a little more supportive. That is why I am so pleased to hear of this wellness hub! This is great and you have put my mind at ease. I'm gonna check this place out. Good luck with speaking at this class, that is awesome!