Friday, January 7, 2011

It's all fun and games

Miss T had her 9 month check up yesterday. 
Even though she is a lazy little butt, and is perfectly content not to:
pull herself up,
or cruise
she is a wonderfully healthy little girl. :^)

Since I like to brag about her, here are her stats:

Head 43.5 cm = ~50th percentile
Weight 17 lbs, 1 oz. = ~20th percentile
Height 28 in. = ~60th percentile

Anyways, in the monthly motor skills evaluation, there were several questions that I simply couldn't answer about her development.
Not because I don't spend every available waking moment with her
Not because I couldn't understand the question
But, because the question was about a nursery game that I had no idea
I was supposed to be playing with her.

Now, I've never been the kind of woman who oohs and ahhs over every single baby I see, and I certainly didn't dream about becoming a mom until just a couple of years before Miss T's arrival.  So, I was horribly unprepared for the enormity of nursery  protocols that I'm just supposed to know about!

Well, wouldn't you know, my free American Baby Magazine has a nice little article in this months issue about the essential nursery games
On their website, they have a list of those you need to know.
I know 6 out of 10.  I'm so sorry Miss T!  Oy.
I have a lot of catching up to do.
Wouldn't you know, the one that was on the sheet at the doctor's office 
is also on this list.
Guess I should have known that one.  Bad mommy, bad mommy.
I'll admit which one, I don't know the "Soooo big" game. 
I said it. 
Phew, that feels better.
If there are any others out there, who also have just about no clue, the Just Mommies websites and a quick little description about this one and a few others.
I guess, instead of reading all those pregnancy books, I should have been reading nursery rhyme books to prepare for this phase of motherhood. 
How big of a silly mommy am I? 
Soooo big!

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