Sunday, January 23, 2011

One of those days...

I was having one of those days today. 
You know, the ones where the littlest thing is the biggest deal in the world and you either need to scream or cry
Today it was my birthday cake. 
Yes, my birthday was 11 days ago.
 It's been a crazy month and this is the first chance I had to make it.  I baked it last night and let it cool over night.  For once, I was actually going to let it cool completely before trying to frost!  Try as I might, baking is not my thing.  For all the other crafty, homemaker type things I can pick up with relative ease, baking is not one of them, my cookies are hard, my brownies are burnt and my cakes, well...
As I was trying to remove the cake from the pan, of course it falls apart into pieces. 
OK, I can deal with this. 
I pieced it together and placed the second half on top.  Luckily, that came out in one piece.  As I tried to frost the thing, the frosting wouldn't stick to the cake and instead, just picked up layers and layers of crumbs.  What should have been a white frosted red velvet cake looked more like a
red massacre cake
 So much for making one of these for valentines day! 
The massacre was the last straw for me and I started crying.  I know it's stupid, but I was so frustrated.  I served B and I two pieces anyways
(I was determined to enjoy it if it killed me!)
and sat at the table with Miss T.  She was done with lunch and had had 100's of puffs by then.  Then this happened...

What can I say?  She lights up my life and makes me laugh so hard I was crying and my cheeks hurt!  I'm going to have to keep that video on speed dial or something just in case one of those moods hits again. 
Who can resist that smile and that laugh?!

Here's part two of that drumming episode.  She was really getting into it by now:

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Jen @ Rolling Through Looneyville said...

Oh. My. Word. She is ADORABLE! I love her giggle. She totally, (in the most adorable way possible), sounds like a little laughing toy!

I love the serious look on her face until you get to clapping together. She's a doll :)

Hugs to you! I've totally had those days. Thankfully, my kids aren't half bad at the cheery factor, either :)