Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Best Birthday present ever!

Since turning 30, birthdays really aren't a big deal to me anymore. 
(They really weren't before either.) 
See, I'm blessed with having a birthday that falls immediately after the Christmas season when everyone needs a break from
and family. 
My darling husband has always made it a point to treat me very well on my birthday and has given me amazing gifts - Tiffany jewelry, snowboard, etc. 
This year, the big 33, was no exception. 
True to our form, I received my birthday gift early. 
Neither one of us can stand to wait to give each other gifts on the correct day. 
This applies to birthdays,
Valentine's Day,
and anniversaries. 
This year, my wonderful husband got me this awesome watch -

I absolutely love it and have worn it every day since!  However, this wasn't the gift I was thinking of in my blog title.  Nope, it's a close second to the other gift I received, this one from my beautiful baby girl
Apparently, Daddy let her know how we do gifts in our family and I received this present one day early.  Daddy was right on par in getting the whole deal on video too.  Check it out...

You heard it too, right? 
And it wasn't in the middle of
My baby girl finally said a version of mama! 
Sure it was more like mumumumum, but I'm from New England, and there we say Mum (we like to stay true to our redcoat roots over there even if we were mostly to thank for kicking them out of our country!). 
I'm not lying here, the first 20 times I watched this, I choked back the tears (ok, I let a few fall!). 
Thanks baby girl!  I love you! 
(I love you too B! Thanks for capturing this!)

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