Friday, April 29, 2011

Oh poop!

If you know me IRL, or you've been reading for a while, you know that I have certain OCD-type, germophobic issues. 

I thought it was bad when we started letting Miss T feed herself and all that mashed up goodness was everywhere.

B thought it was appalling when Miss T got sick for the first time and he walked in on her playing in and with her own vomit.  (seriously, true story - but that's B's story to tell)

Last night though, Miss T gave me a nice surprise and kicked things up a notch.  Little by little, this girl is going to break me!

We were having  a lovely evening.  Twice a week, B works late and it's just us girls.

We got to chat with our neighbors and their adorable kids.

We went to the park with our dog and enjoyed the warm afternoon.

We had dinner in the kitchen and I was able to make lots of babyfood for Miss T.

Then it was bath time.  I love bath time.  I might love it more than Miss T does and my appreciation for bath time is ever increasing now that she is Miss Independent and a mover and a shaker!  At least during bathtime, I know I can put her in that little blue tub inside of my tub and she will be stationary and content for about 15 minutes.

I took advantage of this momentary reprieve to call B at work and catch up on our day, make plans for our dinner, etc.

Miss T was making some funny faces - she does that from time to time.

Yadda, yadda, yadda, chatting away with B.  Hang on a second, where did she get that playdough from?

Nope, wait.  Not playdough.  POOP!!!!!

Apparently, my daughter thinks she is an endless source of new materials to play with, from toes, to vomit, to poop. (think Litter Critters from SNL!)

For a moment, I suffered a slight brain aneurism.  Then, like any momma, you do what you have to do.  Several fancy maneuvers later, she was taking a bath in the big tub, while the little tub awaited clean up.

I'll spare you the details about how the little poop pieces were caught on my drain strainer, or how little pieces were caught in the shower mat and T kept trying to grab them.  Ok, I didn't spare you.

Anyhow, 30 minutes later, B came home to a fast asleep daughter and a wife fiercly disinfecting every surface in her bathroom, including the inside of the drain.

Lessons learned?
I can overcome and do what I have to do for my baby.
She will break me of my OCD issues.
Clorox wipes are my best friend.
In a pinch, poop makes a great playdough substitute!

Alright, I have to leave you with some adorable pictures though!  How cute is she!?

And just so everyone can see what a little stinker she's going to be when she grows up...

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Reynal! said...

M-you *literally* made me laugh out loud! I can totally see this happening! You have such a wonderful gift for telling a story like it is....and many other wonderful gifts to offer too! Miss T is such a lucky little one!