Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Sponge

A couple of months ago, I decided hubs and I needed to clean up our mouths. 

We don't swear or anything.
We used to.

Man, I used to sound like a truck driver (sorry truck drivers!)

My dad could make the burliest truck driver crumble with his mouth and that's where I learned it from.
I remember sitting on the school bus with some friends one day back in first grade.  They were talking about how they can't raise their middle finger.  I was all "It's easy, see?  My dad does it all the time!"  I didn't realized they meant they weren't allowed to.  My bus driver didn't take so kindly to my faux pas and I was picked up by my dad in the Principal's office that day.  He told me how there are words that only mommies and daddies say and sometimes gesture.

Well, I don't want to have that conversation with Miss T.  I was to be a role model to her, so that she can be like me as much as she wants to and it's ok.  So, not that we curse or anything, but I figured, any words that I don't want coming out of her mouth - they shouldn't come out of mine either.  Even such benign words as dumb or stupid.  I would never want her to say something like that to someone and hurt their feelings.
Anyhow, so we started "cleaning up" a couple of months ago.  I figured, why wait until she is parroting us, why not prevent the issue all together.  Well, it's a good thing, because that little 13month old girl is a sponge.

Yesterday morning we were playing with her "cell phone".  It's cute, pink, and makes noise. 

She just presses the buttons and hands it to me.  Yesterday, I pretended that I answered a call and had a little conversation.  When I got home, hubs was so excited to show me Miss T's new trick.  He had been playing with her phone in a similar way that day too.  He would ring her phone and she would hold it up to her ear just like I did that morning!  Yep, she's a quick study, that one!

Hmm, I think I may need to be a little more careful in the car from now on... :)

Don't you love how she freezes when she notices the video camera? silly girl!

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