Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Free Dress Patterns/Tutorials

I mentioned last month in my Tuesday Ten round up, that I was working on party dresses for the girls.  Well, I finished Miss T's dress this week and thought I would share.  This dress was made possible by the lovely, talented Lindsay Wilkes at The Cottage Home.  I absolutely love how it came out!  The skirt is full and twirly.  The sash is satiny sweet.  Miss T seemed comfortable in it too!  It made me think that this dress pattern could be used for a number of occasions: flower girl, birthday party, holidays.  I can see it in all sorts of fabrics too, cottons, satin, taffeta, jersey knit.  Maybe, just maybe, this dress will make an appearance in my shop.  Hmmm.  For now, here are pics of T.  I need to get to work on K's!

I love, love, LOVE that there are so many free dress patterns and tutorials out there for everything from cutesy pie baby girl dresses to gorgeous sophisticated women's dresses (as well as shirts, skirts, you name it!). I'm so inspired to try and make something for myself. However, I am reminded of that summer when my roommates and I thought it would be super easy to make ourselves skirts (it's just a tube of fabric, right? oh, so wrong.). That was a glorious FAIL! I think for now, I'll stick to girl's clothes and maybe some boys stuff too.
Although, some lovely ladies have gone to a great deal of work to compile lists of free patterns and tutorials for a gal just like myself, looking for a challenge.  The extensive compilation at Think Liz is just amazing!  And then there's the lists that Luvinthemommyhood have put together, even a collection of maternity DIYs!  iCandy is running a series called "fun in the sun dress" where a new tutorial is posted everyday! has a post of 101 Sewing Tutorials for Summer.  I can't forget about Prudent Baby.  My lovely sister attracted my attention to this blog and I will love her forever for it!  They have a couple of posts, "25 Free Dress Tutorials for Baby and Toddler", and "25 of the Cutest and Coolest Free Tutorials for Boys Clothing".

Now, if only I could find the time to try out the bazillions of patterns and ideas swimming around my head right now!

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