Friday, July 8, 2011

Here's she comes...

We officially have a walker.

Yikes!  Really?  How?  When?

While B and I scramble to shore up all things evil and dangerous (stairs, TV, cabinets, etc.), we forgot to let our dear fuzzies in on what was about to happen.  Poor babes.  Joey, Mollie, and Druha are so in for it.  Prior to her new found mobility, Miss T would squeal with delight whenever the animals let their down and came near her.  Now, she can go to them!  Her favorite activities, it seems, are grabbingguards  ears, poking eyes, and stepping on warm furry bodies!

This is what we see:

This is what the poor pets see:

Time to work on teaching empathy and gentle treatment of our furbabies!

On a side note, yesterday, Miss T received her 15 month shots. She was very unhappy about it. Actually, she didn't want anyone near her, which was a first! However, I'll be totally honest that even though my heart breaks for her when she feels yucky for the next 36 hours, I do enjoy the extra amount of snuggling that I get as a result. ;)

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