Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ninja vs. Mom

Ever wonder how your mom always just knew exactly what you were doing?
Here, I present to you proof that moms are ninjas...

Skill                          Ninja                                                 Mom

Eyesight        Can detect the slightest movement.        Can find lost binkies in the dark.

Stealth          Can sneak up on their opponent.           Can escape baby's room undetected.

Agility          Skilled in hand to hand combat.             Can nurse, change a diaper, and cook    
Attire            Black shinobi shozoku.                         Black yoga pants.

Strength        Can overpower their enemies.               Can carry an infant, toddler, diaper bag, and
                                                                                       groceries at one time.
Hearing        Ultra sensitive.                                        Knows the second her toddler is out of bed.

Stamina        Great strength and endurance.                Can carry out normal activities on 4 hours of
                                                                                      interrupted sleep.

Clearly, moms have innate skills and intense training to carry out every day activities.  Need further proof? I dare you to sneak up on a mom - if you can...

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Hales said...

haha, I love this! So true