Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Compliments of the Shine Challenge

Everyone has "that" person at work.
C'mon, you know who I'm talking about.
The person that no matter what you do, it isn't good enough.
The person that is always so quick to point out your faults and mistakes
    (and yet can never admit their own).
The person that you have just accepted that you cannot get along with -
     and you've grown comfortable with that strained relationship.

I came upon a blog today by the lovely Ashley.
She beautiful - isn't she?
Even better is that she's even more beautiful inside
She dreams of changing the world and has started The Shine Project.
She's encouraging us all to step out of our comfort zones
and bring light,
and hope to the world.
It's a small sacrifice for us to make a huge difference in the world!
She's even come up with some amazing weekly challenges!
This week's challenge is
A compliment a day keeps low confidence away!
I love this idea!  I'm in!

You know that person I mentioned earlier,
the one that I've grown comfortable not liking?
I don't like that about me, that I can be comfortable with that.
I decided that for day one of my compliment week, I would make it a good one.
Sure, I could tell L that I love her shoe collection.
I could tell K that I love her accent.
 - but those are only surface things.
The small effort on my part would only share a little joy.
I figured I would make this first compliment a doozy.
I went up to that person that I "love to hate".
(eww, I don't like that word, but I have to be honest, right?)
I told him that I really liked his presentation today (true),
that he gave me a lot of things to think about (also true),
and that we should work together in the future (yep, this one is true too).
I don't think I breathed until after our conversation.
Just approaching him, my stomach was full of butterflies.
After though? I felt GREAT!
And, I could tell he appreciated my compliment.
I know this project is to bring hope and joy to others,
  but this time, I was filled with hope!
While we may never be BFFs,
I hope we can grow into a relationship of mutual respect
 and maybe it all started with just one step out in faith.

BTW, I'm pretty sure God has a sense of humor.
My boss approached me and told me that the three of us
(me, him, and the above)
need to meet next week to discuss a project together. 
Thanks God. ;D

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