Tuesday, August 30, 2011

T's first day of daycare and Mummy has a breakdown

So after months and months of searching for the right day care (see herehere and here), Miss T is finally starting today.  Her first day was supposed to be yesterday, but Hurricane Irene had other plans so T and I got one more sweet Monday together. 

Last night, I made sure I packed up all the things that T would need for today:
12 cloth diapers (2 day supply plus a couple of extra, just in case)
2 binkies
1 new homemade snuggle blanket with soft furry side
1 blanket
1 set of extra clothes
1 weekly payment

Of course I didn't sleep all night.  I kept telling myself, "No, I'm not nervous for T. I'm not sad about her going to daycare.  It's just another day".  Apparently, from 1:30am on, I wasn't buying it, no sleep for Mummy!

We got up, got dressed right away, had a snack of blueberries and milk and we were on our way.  Took 12 minutes to get there (about 20 for me to get back!).

T was welcomed by her teacher, Ms. Vicky, one of the other sweet girls near T's age, and Ms. Vicky's two youngest children (still home from school because of Irene).  It was a very sweet welcome, T was overwhelmed though!  She clung to my arm, my finger, my sweater, anything she could grab.  Gradually, the other little girl, E, enticed T with some foam counting fish and a doll house.  She started to explore a bit, but kept checking to see if I was there.  Then the whole gang went out to the yard for some outside time.  T got startled a little again, but then got very interested in the splash tables.  She was completely engrossed and I got the nod from her teacher that I could go.  Ms. Vicky must have seen the look on my face and said "Don't worry, she'll be fine" to which I responded "I know", but it came out much like Peter Brady's cracking pubescent voice "I kn-know". 

No sooner did I get in the car did the tears started coming.  And they didn't stop all morning!  My poor neighbor just wanted to walk her dog and she got to hear the whole thing with running faucets down my face!  Anyways, I got this picture mid-morning.  T is clearly having a great time and is adjusting well.  I'm sure I'll have a recap for tomorrow!  For now, I can't wait to go pick her up!!!

p.s. I'm linking up to Emily's "Embrace the Camera Day".  Head on over and check out the other ladies jumping in front of the camera for a change!


katie said...

Hang in there! I remember crying every day for months when I worked with my 1st one. It will get easier. : )

Our Family of Four said...

Awe, I bet, I would be right there with ya.

Angel Haynes said...

There have been so many "firsts" of my four kids that caused sleepless nights and tears! Hang in there!