Friday, September 2, 2011

I'm famous - ok, not really

This will be a short post that I share today, but I was so touched and excited, I just had to share.

Because of the Grand Prix traffic issues in the city, I took the day off.  On our morning walk, T, Dru and I ran into a neighbor that I hadn't met yet at the dog park.  She looked at me quizzically and asked if I was the one who blogged about the "lounge" that wanted to open up in my neighborhood.  Unsure, I answered that I had blogged about it (I couldn't be the only one though, right?  See here and here.).  Then she said, "It's the one with the really great name, something about bugs, right?"

Well there you have it!  Apparently my neighbor, Narda, was one of the team of people that presented to the Liquor Board to block the lounge from opening.  They had done their homework, uncovered all the lies that Ambrosia was putting out there and had collected the letters and other forms of protest from the neighborhood, including my blog!  She said that my blog really struck a chord with the liquor board and very accurately outlined the major issues facing this predominantly residential neighborhood.  She was so thankful for my having written about it and sharing my thoughts and concerns.  I thanked her for stepping out and representing us to the Liquor Board!

Sometimes, I write this blog and I wonder why.  Not that many people subscribe.  I tell most of my friends my stories in person anyways.  Days like today, though, totally confirm that this blog does have a place amongst the internet!  I felt so honored that she had read it and used it to fight the lounge.  I was slightly embarassed too!  I don't usually like attention directly on me!  It was so cool though. :)

BTW, Narda and her husband are sculptors, have a sculpture garden in Pigtown, and are so cool!  I am going to have to find this garden and take some pictures to share with all of you!  Until then, if you are familiar with B'more, Narda's husband was the sculptor who created the William Donald Schaefer memorial statue in the Inner Harbor.  Who knew we had such talented and famous artists living here!

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Anonymous said...

oh gosh that is so awesome! it's true your post did accurately account for all the problems. you're a great analyst. Sometimes the universe (or is it really just the dog park?) brings us these people. I'm glad that you got this feedback! I cannot wait for pictures of the sculpture garden.