Friday, September 9, 2011

Miss T's future

Every month, my wonderful husband collects all the pictures we have taken of T from two cameras, two iPhones, and those sent to us by our family and friends, sorts them, corrects them for various things, and publishes them for all of our friends and family to see.  I know of a couple people specifically (ahem, you know who you are) who fiendishly wait for the beginning of each month to see our pictures from last month.

As T and I were looking over these pictures yesterday (yes, she likes to look at them too), I started day dreaming about what her future might look like.  Do all moms out there do this?  Did my mom ever dream that I would be a scientist? 

Based on these pictures, here are my predictions for T's future employment:
 Wild life conservationist
Museam curator
 Professional student
 Professional soccer player (Look out Hope Solo!)
 Dog Groomer
Librarian (man!  wish I caught her whole face in this one, but I love this pic anyways!)

Of all these things, there is one thing I know she will be in the very near future...



The Way I See It said...

And a great sister she will be, I can just tell! Even though I don't know you as well as I would like to Miss T, I can see how sweet & funny you are & I can tell you are going to be a great big sister. It's going to be something special. Congratulations again Melissa, Bryan & T! And so begins round 2 of some fun times!

Anonymous said...

I am one that fiendishly waits for the beggining of the month to see new pictures of T. I post my favorites as my computer background screen at work. We love watching her grow up.

bdcontonio said...

Congrats to you ALL!! SO FUN!!! Enjoy!!!