Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday Ten: My Purse Contents

I like to try and stay up on current fashion and trends.  I may not always be able to implement them due to expenses or current fitness, but I at least like to be aware.  The other day, a friend of mine told me to expect the return of small purses this fall, that big Grandma bags like mine were out.

"Noooooooo!"  Say it isn't so!  That has been my saving grace!  The diaper bag has just been too clunky and I can fit all the necessities in my big purse and still look like I have it all together (I don't, I just look the part!).

As I thought about these implications, I started thinking about how my purse is a reflection of my current state of life.  A much younger me would have had vastly different items collected, such as (gasp) makeup, lip gloss, money, recent ticket stubs, etc.  Who has time for these things now?

Here is a sampling of things in my purse currently that exemplify my life:

1. iPhone: the only thing holding me together right now, a compact solution to the calendars of three people, contacts, connecting to the outside world and being able to take 3 seconds to check my email any time of day.
2. Pencil case: my last grip on organization.  It actually still contains pencils/pens, probably because T hasn't learned that there is something interesting inside.  We'll see how long that lasts.
3. Loose Cheerios: I probably don't need to explain this to any moms out there at all.  However, I do need to state the I detest Cheerios.  I hate their smell, I hate the smell of Cheerio breath, I simply cannot stand them.  Only because I love Miss T so much do I put up with them taking residence in my purse.
4. Peanut butter crackers:  if you read my last post, you probably have an idea why these are in there.  You never know when all of a sudden you are going to be completely starving.  Should that happen during traffic or church, I'm all set.
5. Mint Mentos: Just as starvation can attack without notice, so too can the swing to complete and utter nausea.  These can provide some temporary relief.
6. Hand sanitizer: I'm a mom, enough said.
7. Bandaids: See #6, but also, fall is back and being in a lab, I feel that the summer flip flops need to go and the fall flats need to come back.  Along with them come blisters, many, many blisters.
8. Dr.'s appointment reminder card: every month for a while.  I'll need to brush up on my skills of peeing in a cup again.
9. Wallet: with more receipts than actual money.
10. Half eaten bag of animal crackers: just like her Mummy, T gets sudden hunger swings too!

So that's my life, a combination of preggo mummy needs and the last vestiges of an organized life.  Is your life reflected in your purse?  Are you ready/able for a downgrade this fall?  Leave me a comment and let me know what's your 10 items in your purse that exemplify your life!

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mosey said...

my children are older, so the pencil case is empty, the iphone is bartered for during shopping trips and there is NO food and NO gum anywhere to be found because they ate it all before we even left the house? Money... yeah right, left over trash probably a hundred items!!!