Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday Ten: Food

I know, I know.  Being pregnant you're probably expecting me to list all the crazy foods I've been craving and just can't get enough of.  Well, if that's the post you're looking for, check back again in about a month or so.  As of right now, food disgusts me.  That's right.  I think I want something and by the time its in front of me, hot and ready to consume, I am green up to my ears.  So, here's a lovely list of ten foods that I normally love (and I LOVE food), that currently make my stomach turn:

  1. Coffee.  I hate to even say it, but yes, coffee, we need to break up for a while.
  2. Salad.  I was really starting to love it, putting all kinds of fun things on it.  It still tastes pretty good.  The problem is the lasting taste in my mouth that won't go away.  Sorry lettuce, veggies, and dressings, we must part ways.
  3. Chips and queso.  After a particularly rough evening of being nauseous to the point of tears, I was finally able to eat a bunch of chips and glorious queso. Consider it a last meal - for the chips and queso of course.
  4. Mexican food in general.  This is particularly rough.  Not being able to eat meat, I get a lot of protein from beans and I find Mexican food very accomodating and the whole family likes it too.  Oh well.  I even made B get rid of the Mexican gumbo when I wasn't home because I couldn't even look at it anymore.
  5. Pasta casserole.  So easy to put together,just throw pasta, veggies and a sauce topped with some cheese, baked and you're got a healthy vegetarian friendly meal ready to go.  Not anymore.  I actually tossed the one I had frozen away because the mere awareness of its existence taking up real estate in my freezer was sending me to the ..., well you know.
  6. Mints.  If one more person gives me pregnancy anti-nausea advice that includes mints, I'm going to make them sit there with me the next time cookies are being tossed.  Mints don't work and I'm sick of hoping they will only to be let down.
  7. Alcohol.  Now this one is sort of obvious, except that even the smell of alcohol is completely revolting to me.  We were at a fabulous family wedding a couple of weeks ago.  I had to leave the dance floor because the smell of booze was going to knock me down!
  8. Ice cream.  Poor ice cream.  We had a good run, didn't we?  Snuggling up together every single night.  And you never got jealous when I wanted to try another flavor!  I hope that we can work things out.  Maybe we just need some time apart, some space to find who we are individually.  Don't call me, I'll call you.
  9. Peanut butter crackers.  At one time a life saver, you always had a place in the bottom of my purse.  I think I abused you and now, I just can't even look at you anymore.
  10. Well, I'll just leave this one blank.  I mean, it won't be long until another one (or ten) are added to the list.  Oy just 5 more weeks of this (hopefully!).
Let me just say that this post was both challenging and sad to write.  Coffee and Ice Cream might be my most favorite edible things ever!  The challenging part was trying to remember the things that the mere thought of make me sick - without getting sick!  Phew.  Ok.  I did it!  Hmmm.  Not feeling so well now.  Maybe the mints will work this time...  :p

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Jane said...

Your list sounds very much like my pregnant daughter-in-law. Oh how she misses her coffee and salads... The coffee is bad for her, but the salads...well, you know.
It will get better....
Jane (artfully graced)

Katy said...

I'm sorry Melissa! I hope the yucky part lessens quickly for you. Breaking up with coffee and ice cream sounds very sad. I broke up with hamburgers with Bekah. And she was two before I could eat burgers again. Hopefully ice cream and coffee will be welcomed back well before then!!