Thursday, June 7, 2012

Oh Brother

I'm starting to get back into full swing of sewing.  I just finished a big order for a friend.  Two sun suit rompers (or as I like to call them, ruffle bums), and two dresses.  Phew!  Since that wasn't enough, I figured I'd take on the challenge of learning how to use this lovely:

My amazing husband got me this Brother 1034D serger for Christmas and I have been dying to start using it.  With everything else finished (you know, defending thesis, getting paper published, graduating, and, oh yeah, giving birth), I figured I might as well give it a shot!

Here it is, all unpacked with all its fun pieces and extras!

I tried to use the cheat method of tying new thread to old so I wouldn't have to thread it from scratch.  Of course, that didn't work, so here's me reading and re-reading the instructions!

But look at that!  What a lovely pile of scraps and neatly finished fabric!  I tell ya, it really does make all my creations look that much more professional.  And it made making the ruffles for this romper so much easier!

I'll be adding this ruffle bum romper to my shop, in this color and a lovely navy fabric.  Check them out by clicking the visit my shop button over on the right!  Now, I can add this line to my descriptions!
"All seams are serged for a professional finish." :)

p.s. The pattern for the Ruffle Bum Romper was purchased from Liz at Little Lizard King.

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