Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Quilt binding blooper

I've finally started working on the bedding for K's crib.  The crib is up, the mattress is in, and I now plan to make a crib skirt and blanket/quilt for the little lady.  Having visitors this weekend has kicked me into gear, especially since her cousin will be occupying the crib for the weekend.  I'm almost done with the quilt, just needed to add the binding, and then this happened...

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"Figures. Now what?"
So, I'm in plan B mode.  But this shows me that after all these years, I am gaining experience and wisdom in my sewing.  Years ago, I would have just started sewing without check to see if I had what I needed.  Although, maybe I should have planned ahead enough to know how much I would need before I even started.  Hmm, well, it's a process, right?!  I'll figure it out, hopefully, and get back to you with all the details for K's new bedding!

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