Tuesday, August 7, 2012


As I've gotten older, I've gotten more comfortable with who I am. I've accepted the things I can't change about myself. I've acknowledged where I just won't measure up with the abilities of others. I've also gotten more carefree thanks to my daughters. I'll never be asked to sing in a choir, but that doesn't stop me from singing to my girls, regardless of who can hear. I'm becoming more okay with my wispy hair, mostly because I see it as beautiful on T. And, well, I'm getting more okay with my nose because it is so adorable on K and T.

One area where I'm really glad to have this confidence is in being a mom. I will make mistakes, plenty. It may take me a while to realize that I need to correct something. No, I will never be a perfect, super mom. However, I know I can be a great mom to my kids. I know I will make good decisions for them. I know I can love and discipline them. I know that while my parenting style might not be right for everyone, it is right for us.  I don't know everything, not even close.  But I know I love my family and I trust my instincts.

It breaks my heart to hear other moms being hurt by judging eyes when all they need is confidence in themselves. Being a mom (or dad) is hard enough without trying to please everyone else. So, in the future, when we cross paths at play dates, church, or wherever and our styles don't mesh, know that I'm not judging you. If you're judging me, I ask you not to waste your time. I am confident in who I am as a mom.

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