Monday, August 27, 2012

K's Bedding

Hey there.  Remember when I used to make stuff?  Remember all the grand plans I had for my little workshop this summer?  Well, school started today, so I guess summer is unofficially over.  I have been busy here and there, though, a couple of sunsuits and dresses, some hair bows, and I've made a few skirts for me!  I've also been working on K's new bedding: a quilt and a bed skirt.

For months, I agonized over fabric choices.  The girls will share a room and I originally wanted their bedding to coordinate: pinks, greens, and brown.  Not having any luck, I was finally inspired to do something completely different.  I would honor their Uncle Andrew with K's bedding by doing a more feminine orange and blue.  Andrew has a huge Syracuse basketball fan and going to a game each year is a tradition that my husband and his family keep up every year.  While Syracuse's colors might not fit for a baby girl, I thought a tropical orange and turquoise combo, with some pink of course, would be perfect!

I also didn't want to do a traditional block quilt for K.  I found some inspiration through none other than Pinterest:

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

Source: via Shane on Pinterest

So, I came up with this plan using trusty old Excel:

I would cut all strips the same width and then do two in a row for the doubles.  I also tried a new stipple quilting technique on the white strips, which is basically free motion quilting in squiggly lines.  It definitely takes some practice!  I used fleece for the backing and no batting.  I wanted something light enough that she could push away from her face but still provide warmth this winter.

So, all summer, I've been working on it a little here, a little there, and with a little tweaking...
it's finally done!

K took it out for a little spin.  I think she likes it!  And, her adorable little jammies match perfectly!  Have I mentioned that my now 5-month old child is just beginning to wear 3-6 month clothes?!  Peanut!

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