Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I'm a changed woman!

and  much smarter one at that!

I've joined the elite ranks of smart phone users.


I am totally loving my new iphone4 in white. GORGEOUS!

I really tried not to get too excited about it.  yeah, yeah, so I can send an email as easily as a text message now and there are a bazillion apps to choose from for anything I could possibly think of.  yawn.

And then, I purchased my phone...

Oh man!  I love this thing!  I'm really trying not to go app crazy and am limiting myself to only free apps, but WOW! 

I love how it looks!  I love how it feels!  I love how it sounds!

Did I mention that my battery on my iPod died yesterday?  Never fear, my iPhone is my iPod now too!

I just ordered some screen protectors and a beautiful green case for it so I can protect my little investment.  Ordered yesterday on Amazon, shipped yesterday.

(side note: have you checked out Amazon Mom yet?  Do it!  Free shipping, free Amazon prime upgrade, discounts on diapers, wipes, etc. all delivered to your door!)

Anyways, what apps have you found indispensable?  I have weatherbug, ESPN scoreboard (for B), fb, cnn, southwest, and skype.

Yeah, did I mention I can skype from my phone!!!  Yeah facetime!

Any other suggestions for a newbie?  I've already included a pin code lock.  Never mind my phone getting stolen, Miss T  has placed a few too many calls on my last phone - at 6 am!


Lauren said...

pandora and hipstamatic

Erica said...

Oh man, I'm so jealous! Mat won't let me get a smartphone, he says I don't need one because I'm a Stay-At-Home mom. *sigh*

Oh well...maybe when my contract is up next year I will have convinced him?? ENJOY IT!!

Vanessa said...

Hey! I love what's app or viber since skype is too heavy on bandwith for my phone.750 grammes (recipes), classics (free classic books!), tetris, signes (french sign lnaguage app very cool.) ratp, bump, and le monde are the ones i downloaded and actually use.