Thursday, June 23, 2011

Our first Luau

One of Miss T's bff's from church turned one last week.  So you might be thinking, "Ok, cute little one year old birthday party.  Probably a cute little bug or animal theme."  But, no.  See, M's parents are from Hawaii and they have a custom of throwing an amazing luau for their babies to celebrate the milestone of turning one.

Here's a picture of the inside of the function hall:

Yep, that's an authentic ukelele band way in the back.  They were amazing!

There was a lot going on outside too!  Water slide, moon bounce, fishing prize game, baby sprinkle pool (similar to this one, I will have to look into this for next year!).  It was amazing.

Unfortunately, Miss T was having a bad teething day.  Little girl wouldn't eat and was just so uncomfortable.  I felt so bad.  I was willing to do anything to make her smile.  Unfortunately, some of that got caught on film.

B loved that a picture was taken of me right at that moment.  Can ya tell?

Well, even the fishy face didn't cheer up poor Miss T.  We headed home soon after that.  We heard the rest of the luau was amazing and the cake was great (I didn't even stay for cake!  Me!  Can you believe it?)  We can only hope there will be more of these lovely events! 

A huge thanks to our hosts, the Spains, for inviting us and including us in their little girl's special day! 
Hau'oli lā hānau, M! (Happy Birthday M!)

BTW, I'm linking up this post with The Anderson Crew for Embrace the Camera Day (Yay! Emily is back!).  I figure this is a good one for T to see the lengths that I am willing to embarass myself for her! :)


Laura said...

It's a cute picture, though! :D Hehe. Thanks for the laugh.

ruthiehart said...

how fun!! I've never been to a luau or Hawaii!

I'm just the MOM said...

A LUAU!!!! I'm from Hawaii and am planning to have one for my son's 5th birthday :)
AND I would totally eat if someone were to make that face at me ;)

Our Family of Four said...

How neat! Sounds like a great party.