Monday, June 13, 2011

ahhhh... vacation...

So... Did you miss me?

Well, we're back.

Can't say that I'm too pleased.

We spent a week in Corrolla, NC. (If you're pronouncing it like a small car, you're saying it wrong, it's more like "Holla!")  What a week it was!  Pool swimming, wave riding, body surfing, sunning, sand castle building.  The best part was just being together every day for a whole week!  No meetings, no work, no annoying errands.  Just wake up, play, nap, play some more and then sleep. And that wasn't just Miss T's schedule!

Speaking of schedules, Miss T made the conversion to a one-nap day.  It was actually pretty painless.  She was fighting the second nap all the week before and so we just went with it.  Turns out, she'd much rather take one 3-hour nap in the afternoon, than 2 2-hour naps.  So we've switched and it seems to be working out pretty well, so far.

Other milestones:
Miss T is getting 8 more teeth at the moment.  yep, she already has 8 and now she's getting 8 more, 4 of them being molars!  Yikes!
Miss T is taking up to 20-ish steps when going between me and B, but has yet to get up the courage to just walk to where she wants to go.  Any day now...
Miss T is picking up signing!  She knows milk and more (even tries to say more!) and we're working in thank you and hungry.

I have some milestones too! 
-Right before our vacation, I was approved to defend my thesis in 6 months!  Yay!  We are expecting early December for a defense date!  Woohoo!
-Still no progress on the day care search.  I'm working on it, I promise.  I just hate this task sooo much!

So I just wanted to let you know we were still here, still kicking!  I'll have more to post very soon.  Lots of things to share!  In the meantime, here are a couple of my favorite pictures from the OBX!

 Seriously, does it get any cuter than this?!

 Giving the beach kisses goodbye. :(  This was our last morning here on our way home.

 Our official one year milestone picture!  We took one like this at 6 months too. 
I plan to have one like this to mark how much she has grown over the years compared to us. 
Thanks to my cousin Becky for the inspiration!

 Oh Druha.  Doing what you do best! 
Looking sad even though you might be the most loved dog in the world!

 Making friends on the beach. 
Miss T seems to be saying, "This is my dog, Druha.  Isn't he the best?!"

Our first day in OBX.  A very nice lady offered to take this picture
of my beautiful family as we went to the beach for the first time this summer.


The Way I See It said...

It looks like you all had a great vacation! Beautiful pics. Good luck in your day care search. I hope you find the perfect fit & don't forget, your standards are never too high...especially when it comes to that precious little girl.
I miss you guys. Give Miss T a big squeeze from us all. p.s. Good Luck with your thesis!

Erica said...

Looks like a great trip with pictures to last a lifetime. :) Miss you guys!