Tuesday, November 1, 2011

364 more days until Halloween

You know that feeling when Christmas is all over?  When all the presents are opened, all the get-togethers have been had, when you're so full you think you'll never eat again?  You know that sad feeling that you have to wait an entire year for those festivities to roll around again?

That's how I felt last night after tucking T into bed and turning off our outside light.  I have to wait an entire year for Halloween to roll around again.  sigh.

We had such a great night.  After a rushed dinner, we got dressed in our costumes, met up with our fabulous neighbors and their two adorable girls and headed out into the neighborhood.  I was a little worried about T.  She was scared of our jack-o-lantern and normally doesn't like people in costumes.  At the first couple of houses, she didn't want to go up their stairs.

After we went through the process a few times though, the girl was loving it!  She was dancing and hop-stepping down the street, pulling her Daddy to the next house, reaching in not once, but twice for the candy and each time she would come away from the door with a humongous grin on her face!  So adorable!

We went to about 15 houses in our neighborhood and headed home.  Now, I'm not a crazy, no sugar ever, kind of mom, but T (as far as I know) has never had candy before.  Sure, she's had cake, bites from my brownies, cookies, etc., but not candy.  I let her have most of a fun size pack of m&m's and that girl was in heaven!  She was popping them two at a time! 

She helped me finish handing out candy and then the lights went off and she went to bed. 

Nothing like brisk fall evening air to tire a little girl out!  After closing her door and heading back downstairs, the sadness kicked in.  That's it for Halloween 2011.  There is a silver lining though, I've already figured out what the four of us will be next year!  Let's just say it involves some favorite video game characters.  I better get to work if I don't want to be finishing our costumes on 10-31-12!

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Jen @ Rolling Through Looneyville said...

Cuuuuute costumes! You're pretty awesome, lady! Nice work!