Monday, July 9, 2012


I think best friends means something different when you are an adult.  When you're a kid, your BFF is someone you spend all of your waking hours with, the person you get into trouble with, the one that you can't wait to see the next day as you fall asleep.  As we get older, our lives take us to different places, different careers.  Our spouses and kids become our priority.  Our work schedules prevent us from playing together all day long.  But you know you have a BFF when days, weeks, even months go by, yet when you get together, its like time has stood still.  You pick up exactly where you left off.  There's no awkwardness, no small talk, no weirdness.  It's just that person that knows you as well as you know yourself.  That person who has always been there for you, through all of life's ups and downs, without hesitation.

My BFF, J, is coming to town today and I am so excited!  I haven't seen her since December and its been way too long!  She was my maid of honor in our wedding and was there for me when we lost our first pregnancy.  She's has my back since sixth grade when we would make up stories about our cats being BFF's and would walk to and from school together, me carrying both our school bags.  After this past week, I could use a little joy, and that is traveling to us from SC right this very second!  We'll enjoy some pizza and laughs before they continue their trip home to MA with her husband and three beautiful children.  I'm so excited that they will be here, to see my house for the first time, to meet K for the first time, and to see how much T has grown.  I love that I get to share our lives with them, even if for just an hour, because no matter how much time has gone by, she will always be my BFF.

 At my wedding
At her wedding
 Her beautiful family (I made the girls' dresses!)
 With a couple of our littles and our friend R.
 Most of our M'boro gang
Classic old school pic from High School.  Love her vest.  Love my hat even more. SMH

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