Thursday, December 15, 2011

Booo Booooo Rice Pack

After making the adult version, I thought it would be cute to make some kiddo rice packs.  They may not have the aches and pains we adults do, but they often bump heads or need a tummy soothed, right?

There are tons of these on Pinterest, but after making the adult version, I didn't look up any for my owl version.  They are really easy to make and I think I might make a few more for some special tots!

Using a Christmas card from years past (that conveniently had an oval on it), I messily adjusted the shape to be a little more squared off to make a template.

I then folded it in half and cut out my design so that it would be symmetrical.  Using this template, I cut out cotton fabric for the front and flannel for the back.

For the wings, I made a half heart shape, folded my cotton fabric in half and cut out the wings through the two layers so that I had one wing for each side.

For the eyes, I had a circle template with a 1.75" diameter, but in the future will probably use a 1.5" diameter as these were a bit two big.  For the center of the eyes, I cut 1" squares out of flannel and then rounded off the corners.

Here (above) is what the pieces look like assembled.  Using a zig zag stitch as close to the edge as possible, I then attached the blue circles to the white circles and then attached these to the body.  Then I attached the wings.
With right-sides together, I sewed the front and back together using a short stitch with a 1/8" seam allowance, leaving the bottom open for filling.  I did use my turning trick here too to make turning and closing easier.

This is the final product after filling with approximately 2 cups of uncooked brown rice and sewing the opening at the bottom closed.  Even though B said it looks like an owl, I think I need to go back and hand stitch a beak on.  I do like the mix of fabrics and colors though.

We haven't tested this out yet.  I thought to myself "T doesn't hit her head all that much" and sure enough, later that day, she bumped her head!  Lesson learned, this little guy will find a cozy nest inside a ziploc bag in the freezer so that he's ready at a moment's notice!

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