Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Breakfast Ideas

Whoa.  Christmas is in six days!  Are you ready?

As of last night, I had everything wrapped, labeled and ready to go.  I took advantage of T's 3-hour nap (you know you're jealous!) and B's obsession with football to escape to Target and finish doing all the shopping.  After the little one went to bed, all her gifts came out and were wrapped, and her stocking was stuffed.  It got me thinking a little bit though.  This year is easy and maybe for a few more years, but after that, I'm going to need to find some really good hiding places!

It's a good thing we're ready early.  We're taking a week off back home in New England (although I'm sure I'll be spending more time than I like working on my thesis).  In previous years, we pack everything up (gifts for us and others) into the car and do everything there.  But this year, we're leaving on Christmas Eve and so have decided to have our own Christmas morning on the 24th before we go.  I'm really excited about it and am looking forward to seeing T's face as she sees al the gifts for her and gets to open them. 

I'm also starting to think about how I'm going to feed my family that morning.  It will be a 6 hour car drive (hopefully no flat tires this time!) with a stop for a late lunch.  We'll need something delicious and hearty to get us through the first leg of our trek.  Thanks to Pinterest (I know, where else?!), I've found some yummy Christmas morning breakfast recipes.  The hard part will be deciding which one to make! Click on the pictures to follow the link to the recipes!

I might just make these anyways!  They look soooo good- and easy!
Maybe with some kiwi or green grapes?

A great list - 10 breakfast ideas.  The Chai Waffles pictured above look heavenly, as did the Overnight French Toast Casserole and the Christmas Morning muffins. 

Source: via J on Pinterest
Forgive the teeny, tiny picture, but the Overnight Blueberry French Toast Casserole might just be a winner here.  My mouth is beginning to water!

Oh boy - more blueberries!

A little heartier, I would have to skip the sausage though.  I like the idea of making it the night before and baking it while we open presents!

This spinach and cheese strata looks heavenly!  Maybe I could add some red peppers to make it really festive!

Man, you wouldn't think I just had lunch!  I almost wish I was planning brunch for 20 people so I could make a bunch of these.  I think no matter what I make, those doughnuts will be in my kitchen and then melting in my mouth Christmas morning!  Hmm, Spinach Strata or Blueberry French toast Casserole.  Oh, decisions, decisions!

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