Thursday, January 12, 2012

Photo Booth

My poor little munchkin has been sick since Monday, coughing so much that she throws up.  Every time I think she's getting better, she has a coughing fit and I know that's another day she'll need to spend home resting.  This is the first time she's been really sick for more than a day and it just makes me so thankful that she has been so healthy most of her life.  My heart goes out to families dealing with chronic childhood illnesses!

We took some pictures a couple of days before T got sick on my iPhone4.  I love that this one has the reverse camera - making self portraits a snap!  It's like having your own photo booth and you can take as many silly pictures as you want!  Here are some of my favorites, put together photo booth style, courtesy of

I saved my favorite one for last.  I call it "WHOA!"

Looking forward to happier healthier times like these again real soon!

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