Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Things to look forward to

Aside from the quick story of T's demands for M&M's, the holidays brought an unexpected but greatly needed break from blogging.  We've been back for a few days and I think I'm finally rested up enough to just back on the blogging horse and get going again.  I've got a lot planned for the next couple of months, even the rest of the year.  This year is going to bring some big changes to our household and we are so excited.  Here are some things to look forward to on this blog:

My thesis defense and long anticipated graduation.  (Is it too early to start calling me Dr. Melissa?)

My "time off" in February and March.  (I might be looking forward to this more than the actual graduation!)

The arrival of Baby Girl #2! And, no more "morning" sickness!!! Woohoo!!

Maternity leave, where I re-experience the joys of sleep deprivation induced hallucinations.

Starting a new job - eek!

In the land of Ticklebugz, I have a lot planned too.  I will be revamping my Etsy shop.  I figure, what better way to use my time off than to do other work!  I will be writing more tutorials to share and of course doing more Pinterest reviews - my favorite!  I'm also planning on getting organized this year.  As you can tell from above, the only way we're going to keep above water is to be a smoothly running machine.  That means, cleaning out, cleaning up, and staying that way!  I've already got two projects under my belt that I will blog about soon. We've got some home reno's planned too that I would like to share the progress as we go along.  (hehe, B hates when I say reno!)  And, of course, I plan to do a year-in-review post, very shortly!  I'm a little behind on this, I know.  But, Ticklebugz went from just a few hundred views per month at the beginning of the year to over 1500 views per month by the end.  You may have missed a few things along the way!

Alright, so stay tuned as I've got a lot planned (and a lot to do!).  Thanks for reading!

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Erica said...

I love reading your blogs! Keep us updated, we appreciate it. :) And good luck with everying...it's going to be an amazing 2012 for sure, Dr. Melissa!