Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bathroom Renovations Update - Guest Bath

I know, the suspense is killing you!

Well, our amazing contractor is done, two bathrooms, both with new, well, EVERYTHING, including tiled showers.  The only thing our contractor doesn't do is paint, so that part is holding us up right now.  That lovely wall paper trim I mentioned before is becoming a bit of a pain to take down.  Once it is though, prepare to see a complete transformation!  For the time being here are some pictures and updates on the progress.  Today - the guest bath. Tomorrow - the master bath. 

By the way, if you live in our area and are interested in bathroom or kitchen renovations, our contractor is your guy!  Totally professional, hard working, cares about the quality of his work, what more can you ask for?  He actually told us that he was concerned about the molding in the guest bathroom and was thinking about it all night and came back the next day with a solution.  Who does that these days???  Anyways, before the pics, here is his information:

Rob Smith, Owner
Shoreline Custom Carpentry, Inc
Fully licensed
Glen Burnie, MD

Send me a message and I'll give you a personal referral!

Guest Bathroom:

Original Plan - replace floors with tile, new vanity, new lighting, new cabinet, new toilet, new tub and shower surround.

Changes to original plan - because the guest bathroom has a smaller than standard tub, we couldn't get a reasonably priced shower surround and decided to go with tile.  We also couldn't find shower "shelves" that matched the tiles we purchased, so we decided to recess a shelf into the shower.

Sorry, each picture is so specific.  Being such a small space, it's hard to get an overall picture of this bathroom!  Anyways, we love how it came out!  Our contractor worked with us so that we could paint the "accent" wall grey before he installed the toilet and mirror.  We went with one accent wall thinking that it would feel too "cave-like" in such a small room to paint all the walls grey.  The other three walls need to be painted white still once the rest of the wall paper trim comes down. 

I made the shower curtain from home decor fabric purchased at Jo-Ann's during an awesome 50% off sale they were having.  I didn't even know the sale was going on when I went in - I totally lucked out!  Being a smaller than standard tub, I was able to get away with just two yards of fabric because the width was wide enough to stretch across completely!  The hardest part about the shower curtain was the stinking button holes!  I, however, have now mastered the button hole function on my sewing matching which was beneficial when making the curtain for the master bath.  I love the fabric for the curtain, the colors are perfect!  I think it softens up such a manly bathroom without being too girly!  The last thing I have to do (besides paint) is make a roman shade.  I've already purchased the fabric, a solid persimmon-orange color that matches the shower curtain.  I plan to use this tutorial, courtesy of Pinterest.  Don't worry, I'll make sure to post a review of the process!

Lessons learned:

- It is way easier to paint a flat exposed wall than to paint around fixtures and furniture!
- Picking out two types of tile, wall paint, furniture, fixtures, etc. is much harder than you expect, especially when going between two different stores to have the most options to choose from.
- Tile is heavy and will make your car look like a low-rider when packed into your trunk!
- Having a properly diverted shower will not only save water and electricity, but is a little slice of heaven!

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