Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Shower Curtain Tutorial

Here's my shower curtain tutorial!

I've been super inspired by the Anthropologie DIY ruffle shower curtains.

Up until it was time to choose fabric, I was totally convinced that I would make one of my own. But, then I found this print and I was in love. So much so, that I had to order the fabric and patiently wait two weeks for it to come in. 

With a pattern that busy, I thought my head would just explode with all those ruffles.  However, I did want something fuller, floofier.  Drawing on my recent experiences ruffling fabrics, I decided to go with a one-tier ruffled curtain with some structure at the top.  So I drew up some plans, keeping in mind that I have already ordered and received my fabric and had to work within the amount at hand.

I used the measurements of the curtain liner as a guide, 70" W x 71" L.  With my fabric measuring only 54"W, I would need to incorporate some panels.  I also had to keep in mind that the pattern is long.  Originally, I planned to have two 54"W panels attached to a structured top.  Just before I got my scissors out, I realized that if I made that cut, I wouldn't have enough material to finish the project.  Gah!  Back to the drawing board...

OK, so three panels, 2x 28", 1x43" wide, all 72" L.  The remaining fabric, 14"W x 72"L would be used for the structured top.

First, I attached each side panel to the wider panel in the middle with a running stitch and then a zigzag stitch to secure it and prevent fraying.  Each side and bottom was then hemmed.  On the sides, I folded each side in one inch and sewed taking advantage of the selvages.  The bottom was turned in one inch and then 5 inches. 

Then, with a long running stitch across the top, I ruffled the entire panel by holding the top thread in my hand as I sewed.  This was a little tricky with the bulk of the fabric.  Ruffling this way is by no means precise, but it certainly beats pulling strings and ruffling afterwards.  I leave long thread tails on either end so that I can adjust the final width as necessary.  This time, I hit it right on the mark.  That never happens!

Next, I switched to the top structured panel.  I took my 14"W x 72"L fabric and folded it lengthwise so that it was 7" x 72".  Doing it this way did turn the pattern 90 degrees.  However, I picked the side that I liked the look best as the front and its actually not driving me crazy like I thought it would.  I turned in each edge about one inch and ironed well all around.  Feeling confident, I started sewing the ruffled panel to the structured panel.  Big mistake!  The bulk of the ruffled panel made the structured panel pucker on the bottom and I had to start over.  Of course I didn't realize my mistake until the end and I got to enjoy ripping out the entire seam.  Yay!

OK, second try, I measured, placed and sewed my button holes into the structured panel before attaching the ruffled panel.  This provided some much needed stability.  I then brought out the sewing pins.  GASP!  I never pin anything, but I wanted this to look perfect to go along with my new perfect bathroom!  To hide the raw edge of the ruffled panel, it was inserted between the two folded sides of the structured panel (see pic below).  I then pinned under each button hole. 

It was slow going, but it worked!  I took out my seam ripper again to open up the button holes and hung that baby up!  I love how it came out! Ruffly, but not overwhelming.  Looks great against the grey walls!

And, since you've made it all the way to the end, for your viewing enjoyment, here is a lovely 37-week picture of my bump!

(yes, I am standing on T's step stool so that you can see the actual bump over my new vanity!)

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Very pretty and great colors! Thanks for sharing!