Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bathroom renovation - before pics

Our bathroom renovations have begun.  The first of two bathrooms has been demo'd, old fixtures and flooring removed, and upgrades are already taking place.

However, as promised, here are some lovely before pictures so we are all aware of what we are dealing with! And, I didn't even clean up or oganize first, so you are seeing it in all its day-to-day loveliness.

First, our lovely, guest "Bathroom Under the Sea".  Why do I call it that?  Because of this chic wall paper border:

I know, I know, you are are wondering how you can get your hands on that timeless, classic, border.  My only regret is that we couldn't replace the entire wall with repeating patterns of sea horses and underwater foliage.  But don't worry, it only gets better.

Yep, that is pure, 100%, 80's style, yellow linoleum flooring, from the hallway/laundry all the way into the bathroom. Gorgeous!  Unfortunately, it is showing signs of wear and tear and must be replaced.  Sniff.  I will miss you mustard yellow floor!  You might also like the two-tone vanity.  You can't tell from this pic, but the side is painted white to "match" the linoleum top.  And, to top off all the use of linoleum in this space, the 3 inch linoleum "molding". 

Well, it's gone.  It's all gone!  Everything in here has been ripped out, including the overlapping shower doors.  Those doors overlap because the space for the tub isn't a standard length.  This bathroom is being redone first, with tile floors, new tub, vanity, light fixture and toilet, tile walls in the shower, etc.  Can't wait to experience it!

But, the excitement isn't over!  Here is our "Four Seasons" bathroom, to be renovated two weeks after the first.

I know, again, I'm sad we can't have this lovely trim as a repeating pattern over the entire wall.  Moving on...

You're loving the brass fixtures, aren't you?  And, yessir, that yellow linoleum found its way in here too!  Yay.  Now, you can definitely see the two-tone vanity.  Nice, right?  What you can't see is the rotting "wood" and the peeling paint.  For now, this bathroom is meeting the needs of our entire family.  Can't wait until next week when we can try out the new bathroom and get ready to gut this one!

Coming up, day by day progress of our bathroom renovations, including reviews of our contractor.  So far, he's been an amazing one-man show!  One I get his OK, I'll post his information for any other local homeowners looking to update their kitchens or bathrooms.  If his work continues in the same manner, we'll likely be hiring him to redo the kitchen in our rental space.  How's that for an endorsement?!


The Way I See It said...

I can't wait to see the finished product! I love befores and afters. I see you are still utilizing the bathroom accessories I got you for your wedding shower! :) Glad they were put to good use!

melbry15 said...

Oh yeah, those babies have seen some use alright! I might even try to find a way to repurpose them to the new color scheme. Maybe a little spray paint is in my future? Or more Mod Podge?!?! :)