Thursday, February 16, 2012

Guest Bath Reno - Day One

Day Two:

This day was spent mostly taking things down and tearing them apart!  Woohoo!  The vanity, tub, medicine cabinet and most of the yellow linoleum is gone! 

Come in, take a look:

Like I said yesterday, there was a small amount of damaged wood.  Not too bad for being over 30!

Looking studly! (Ha! Haha!  I crack myself up!) Ahem, here is where the tub/shower will be replaced.

On the opposite wall, the vanity, cabinet, and toilet are gone!

The goal for tomorrow is to finish removing the yellow flooring from the hall/laundry, get the tub installed, repair walls, etc.  Its nice to see so much accomplished already!  Oh yeah, and in order to get out the rest of the yellow, the washer and dryer will take up a temporary residence in our bedroom for a few days.  Nothing says romance like laundry, right?!

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