Tuesday, September 25, 2012

ISTJ reform

If you've worked in the corporate world at all, you're probably familiar with Meyers-Briggs. Companies love to give these personality tests so their employees can understand how to work together better. I've taken it a few times now and the results are always the same - ISTJ.
Now, these traits are on a sliding scale but the two that were strongest for me were introvert and thinker. Well, I probably didn't need a fancy shmancy test to tell you that. In 6th, starting at a new school, I put my head down on my desk and cried because I was so nervous about meeting new people!

Shy as a kid, I've learned to push myself in new situations but it is exhausting. I still don't enjoy meeting new people. However, having been a stay at home mom for 6 months might have adjusted my scale from pegged to a more moderate introvert.  Having only one-sided conversations all day long, mostly consisting of "say Mama, ssssaaayyy Mmmaaammmaaa!", I've found myself making acquaintances with people at the grocery store.  I know the "regular" cashier by name (its Alexis), and we will have a 10 minute conversation each time I'm there.  On my "last-hurrah", I found myself blabbing to the saleswoman ringing up my purchase at Loft about how I'm ~6-months post-baby and have no idea what size clothing I wear.Who is this person?  I have even been chatting up the other owners at the dog park.

Apparently, I've been starved for conversation and adult interaction.  And, while I miss my snuggle bunny tremendously, being back at work now for over a week, I'm loving that I get to see and talk to people everyday.  Although, it's still hard for me to get over my shyness and make new friends.  So, I guess I'm not a reformed introvert afterall.  Perhaps, even introverts need their small circle of people they let in.


Jen @ Rolling Through Looneyville said...

Ha! I totally relate. I'm a pretty strong I too. However, I'm fairly friendly and chatty. The telling point for an introvert isn't necessarily whether we can or even like to meet new people, but rather, how we feel after a lot of it.... exhausted. I'm now a grocery store chatter like you for the same reasons :). I can do that (and I like showing my kids how to be friendly and courteous, which is why I started branching out more). But lengthy public interactions, even while I can enjoy them, (like family bbqs, etc), EXHAUST ME.

I admire working moms for so many reasons. But for a working introvert mom who has to interact with others daily and come home and be "on"? That's a feat.

melbry15 said...

You speak great truths Jen! The exhaustion is really the key! But, like you, I try to model the behavior I desire for my kids. Luckily for me, I chose a career of research where I only interact with a few people daily and spend most of my time at my bench or desk.

p.s. The feeling is mutual, I totally admire moms that stay home with their kids. Now THAT is a challenging career!